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Good first day of school

Man I still don't know what Sera's problem is. Really don't like her new style or attitude. She used to love school. So would have expected her to be as happy as me about school starting back. But now she's more interested in having fun and doesn't care about school or anything else apparently. She really needs some descipline and guidelines, but Uncle G is totally blowing off his parental responsibilities lately. It just isn't cool to let kids say, and do whatever they want. Am sure that if she causes problems in school, that Snyder will set her straight at least.

Well hopefully Sera will get over this wild phase just like I did. I'll set a good example for her to follow. I'm all business now, and will stay focused on doing my best. I'm actually off to a good start by signing up for extracurricular activities like the chess club, drama club, the school newspaper, and yearbook. Will make for a very busy year, but will also look good on applications to college. Also am sure I will make lots of new friends hanging out with all the cool classmates that are also interested in the same things as me now.

So really does look like this is going to be a great school year. Unlike previous years, I'm going to get along great with the Principal. Whom I noticed was being very supportive of the students and is actually allot cooler than I remember. So was a better than expected first day of school. Of course am a bit concerned about a couple of my friends Theresa and Nick who never showed up at school. Haven't seen them in weeks. Guess they haven't got back from that vacation I heard they was on. Do hope that everything is okay for them, and my other friends.

Regretably thanks to school and all the activities I've signed up for, it looks like I'll be too busy to see my girl Dawn very much until the weekends. But I know that she understands that we both need to focus on school first. Am sure that after things get settled down, will hopefully have more time for none school related fun. Uh, well I'm going to do some studying, then call it a night. The sooner I get to bed, the sooner another day of school will begin tomorrow.


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