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Worried about Dawn

Dude I don't feel much like doing anything fun, cause my girlfriend seems to be so damned depressed lately. Think it is because she feels bad about some of her and her older sisters friends leaving town. Was something mentioned about Willow & Tara moving to London. Uh, never did ask why those two was living at their house. I guess they was there to help out Dawn and her sister after their mom died. But guess they finally felt it was time to move on.

Now that I think about it. I never asked who the hell that blond dude was who dresses in black, and wears that cool black duster. I've seen the guy hanging out around their home allot smoking. Think Dawn said somethin' about him bein' in a rock band, and her sister dating him. He seems to be a really cool guy, although not the type of guy I'd want my girl to hang around.

But guess having fewer responsible adult types around will make it easier for me and Dawn to do whatever we want. Although clearly if Dawn's older sister is in a bad mood for a while, think I better be on my best behavior. And not do anything to have my but kicked. Cause I've heard she's a pretty though chick. And still remember the last time me and Dawn was out at a party, when Buffy shows up all pissed off about Dawn being at an unsupervised party. So yeah was some cops called, other than some harmless making out, some drinking of liquor, and maybe a few people fighting, their really wasn't anything too wild going on.

Uh, anyway I know that Dawn's older sister is like the mother of all over-protective mothers. And no doubt will be even more protective of her little sister now that is the only one at their home to watch out for her. Course I understand her reasons for wanting to make sure Dawn is safe and protected. Cause is a lotta weird crap going on in Sunnydale. I feel the same way about wanting my family and friends to be protected and safe. And wanna make sure nothing bad ever happens to Dawn again either. I know she's had a lotta crap happen to her. Such as all that shit with Josh last year. God I still wanna beat the hell outta that jerk Davidson for all the badness he put my friends threw.

Uh anyhow, I know that Dawn has allot of stuff to worry about. But at least the school year will be over soon. I'll do my best to cheer her up, and provide whatever support I can over the coming weeks. I can only hope that things will get better for her soon. Better for her and all those I care about.

After My Valentine's Day

I had a totally awesome Valentine's Day last week. Of course how could it be anything else when I have such a wonderful girlfriend as Dawn. Not only is she beautiful, but is always so fun to hang our with. Only sad that school is cutting into out time together. Though looking forward to the weekends to spend more time with her, is enough to get me through very boring scool days. If nothing weird happens, hopefully were get to go dancing at the Bronze this weekend.

Anyway I'm totally bushed due to the fact I've stayed up a bit to late watching tv last night. So guess I'm gonna try to get some rest now. But really can't wait for another weekend, and more time with my beautiful girl again.

Thinking about Dawn and Valentine's Day

I've been thinking about Dawn. About what to do for her on Valentine's Day. Thanks to school, work, and the general wackiness that is Sunnydale, we really haven't got to hang out much lately. So I really owe her somethin' special for putting up with my suckiness in the boyfriend department.

I would write her a song and sing to her about how she makes me feel. About how much I care for her. Uh, but after the recent sing-a-thon that took place in Sunnydale. Thinkin' that she probably wouldn't wanna here anybody sharin' their deepest feelings thru song. So yeah, guess will have to come up with somethin' else. Like candy, flowers, and a nice peaceful romantic date. Maybe dinner and a movie. All that really matters, is that she has a happy day.

And I really do hope that all our friends and family have an awesome Valentine's Day. Cause dude after all the badness that's happened lately, everyone can really use some good times.

New Year 2005

This is my first new year in Sunnydale. Is hard to believe I've been here for nine months. Has been a really interesting time to say the least. But the best part of it all, was the great friends I made like Theresa. And despite all the weirdness and badness, I'd never give up one minute of it cause was all worth it just to meet such great friends. Not to mention getting to know my Uncle Grant allot better. He's such a cool man that I owe so much for taking me in when I had no other place to go. Plus the added bonus of finding such a wonderful new family member. Sera may not be a blood relative, but she is like a sister. She's such a kind and loving girl whom I'll always consider not only family, but a good friend.

And dude what can I say about Dawn. She is the best thing to ever happen to me. I'm glad that we met, and that she gave me a chance to be her boyfriend. I know she was coming off a bad relationship. Having her heart broke by a total jerk that didn't deserve her. Am just grateful that she was willing to give our relationship a shot, to show her that not all guys are total jerks. If at all possible, I'll always try to give her the support and love she deserves.

I wish all of my friends and family a happy new years. And I totally hope that all of my friends and family have a wonderful year to come.

Christmas 2004

Dude I really like this time of year. And not just due to the fact that their isn't any school. Although the no school thing is always good.

But the best part was that all of my friends and family are doing good. So am really happy that we survived a very difficult year in Sunnydale. I can only hope that next year will be a whole lot cooler than this one. Guess as long as I have my beautiful girlfriend Dawn, and have the support of my loving family Grant, and Sera; along with awesome friends like Theresa, then no matter what happens, it will all be good.

Looking forward to a good weekend.

Dude I've been way to slacky lately. But finally getting around to updating my lj again. I'm so not gonna try to play catch up by trying to write down everything from the last month or so. Really not in the mood to think much about the past right now.

It will be my first Christmas in Sunnydale. Although I will miss a white Christmas. Do gotta say that at least the weather is allot better in California than back east this time of year. Not that I've really had much chance to actually enjoy the great outdoors. School continues to be pretty sucky. But only have one more day before another weekend. And this weekend will be extra cool with the winter carnival going on. Will hopefully get to hang out with Dawn and some of our friends from school. Seems like ages since I've got to hang out with Theresa and some of my other friends. I just hope things are going good for them all. And that we get to hang out and have some fun soon.

Despite the boringness, everything on the home front is going pretty good. Uncle Grant is mainly just doing his own thing. Is pretty busy with business stuff and making sure all the tenants are cool. So the Inn is doing well, although I usually don't keep up with who all is staying. Was able to make a new friend recently, when I met Anthony Turner who was a new kid that stayed here for awhile back in November before his dad got base housing. He's a pretty cool teen, and am sure he'll do good fitting in at Sunnydale High. Seems like him and Sera hit it off as well. Although not sure if it's anything serious. After all the problems she's had this year, she deserves nothing but some happiness and good times. He does appear to be an okay guy that won't take advantage of a girl who's been recently heartbroken. Well I just hope Sera and for that matter everyone has a great holiday season and that all the recent drama of the past year is behind us now.

Anyway now that the Bronze is back open. Think I'll try to head back over there Friday night to forget about school and just have a little fun. Then this weekend will hopefully have a good time at the winter carnival. So just have one more day of school to get threw, then will have some fun times to look forward to.

Despite the craziness, life goes on.

Dude I'm still not too certain about what's been happen the past few weeks. Nobody was actin' like themselves, that's for sure. At least Sera isn't swearing like a sailor anymore, and isn't a wild child anymore. Is good to have the nice and reliable Sera back. Can tell how embarrassed she was about the way she acted and dressed. Even though would be entertaining to give her a hard time about it. Besides heard about some of the stuff she done to some demons at Ralph's, so guess isn't a good idea to piss her off. Plus seein' that I and everyone else was also with the craziness lately, am gonna go easy on her.

Also Uncle G is somewhat back to normal. Though throwing down even more drinks than normal, obviously to try to forget about the recent happenings around here. But did mention that me and Sera shouldn't be out after dark for the time being due to all the crazy vamps runnin' around the city. So at least shows that he does care about our safety again. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm pretty irresponsible at times, so do need some supervision to keep me out of trouble. Of course think I could have really used someone to slap me upside my head when I was acting like a school lovin' freak the past few weeks. Cause I am so screwed when it comes to most of the classes I signed up for. Not to mention all the clubs I joined. I'm not gonna have very much spare time to do anything. Guess I'll also need a tutor to help with some of the tougher subjects like Algebra as well.

Lucky I still have Dawn. She's the only good thing I have going for me now. And even despite all this weirdness and the suckiness that is school. As long as were okay, guess that's all that really matters.

Good first day of school

Man I still don't know what Sera's problem is. Really don't like her new style or attitude. She used to love school. So would have expected her to be as happy as me about school starting back. But now she's more interested in having fun and doesn't care about school or anything else apparently. She really needs some descipline and guidelines, but Uncle G is totally blowing off his parental responsibilities lately. It just isn't cool to let kids say, and do whatever they want. Am sure that if she causes problems in school, that Snyder will set her straight at least.

Well hopefully Sera will get over this wild phase just like I did. I'll set a good example for her to follow. I'm all business now, and will stay focused on doing my best. I'm actually off to a good start by signing up for extracurricular activities like the chess club, drama club, the school newspaper, and yearbook. Will make for a very busy year, but will also look good on applications to college. Also am sure I will make lots of new friends hanging out with all the cool classmates that are also interested in the same things as me now.

So really does look like this is going to be a great school year. Unlike previous years, I'm going to get along great with the Principal. Whom I noticed was being very supportive of the students and is actually allot cooler than I remember. So was a better than expected first day of school. Of course am a bit concerned about a couple of my friends Theresa and Nick who never showed up at school. Haven't seen them in weeks. Guess they haven't got back from that vacation I heard they was on. Do hope that everything is okay for them, and my other friends.

Regretably thanks to school and all the activities I've signed up for, it looks like I'll be too busy to see my girl Dawn very much until the weekends. But I know that she understands that we both need to focus on school first. Am sure that after things get settled down, will hopefully have more time for none school related fun. Uh, well I'm going to do some studying, then call it a night. The sooner I get to bed, the sooner another day of school will begin tomorrow.

Getting Serious

Man what is up with Sera. She is acting very weird lately. Heard about the whole ice cream truck demon kidnapping little kids thing. Maybe is upset about all that craziness. But still is no reason to say cuss words. Needs to watch her language and not get into any trouble. Cause getting grounded wouldn't be a very fun way to spend the last couple of weeks off from school.

Anyway I got my own problems to worry about. I've totally been wasting my time this summer. Instead of being out on the beach or dancin' at the Bronze. I should have been working part time, and spending the rest of my time preparing for my senior year of High School. Is really time for me to start taking school seriously. Otherwise will never get into a college. Well okay, heard they're let anyone into UC Sunnydale. But that is like the last resort. If can get my grades up, then will have more choices. Of course could become a preacher if college doesn't work out. Think that would make Uncle Grant very proud of me.

Speaking of my faith, think that I need to see Dawn. We really should discuss taking a vow of chastity. She's a very special girl, and is worth waiting for. Can only hope she feels the same way about me.

Well I can't wait for school to start back in a couple of weeks. Will sign up for lots of extracurricular activities like the chess club, drama club, and yearbook. Would look good on my resume. Uh anyway need to go to bed, so can get up early and go to the library.

Dawn is back

Dude this has been a pretty sucky month with the not knowing whether Dawn was okay or not. Just knowing that it was my fault for not picking her up on time. And for lettin her be out after dark alone. I wasn't there for Dawn when she needed me most. I shoulda been there for my girl, to keep her safe and protected. So am sorry for letting her down.

Just grateful that Buffy and her sisters friends was able to find her and bring her home safely. I am so beyond happy to know that she is okay. Hearing over the weekend that she was back at her home was the best news possible. I gone over to see her yesterday. Was really wonderful to see her again, to hold her close if but for a few moments. She said that she wasn't physically hurt or anything. But could tell that she was still a bit shaken up about everything that happened to her.

Really do wish there was more that I could do to help. Need to let her know just how much she means to me. And that I will try not to let her down again. To always be there for her when she needs me, no matter what.

Anyway with Dawn back safe and sound, things are finally starting to look up. Hopefully things will be cool from now on out. I can only hope that everything goes good during the rest of the summer for Dawn and the rest of my friends.