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Pretty boring summer.

Dude this has been a pretty uneventful summer break so far. With Dawn working so much, is just nothin to pass my time. Not that sleeping all day, then watchin tv isn't cool. But does get boring after a while. Not to mention most of the stuff on tv these days is total crap. Well except for Y&R, which is the only daytime soap that is even remotely cool lately.

Uh anyway, really do need to try to find some excitement. Maybe I should take Uncle G's advice and actually get a job like Sera. Sera said that she is working at the Espresso Pump.

Of course if I did get a job, couldn't be anything that lasted more than 4 hours a day. Cause I am so not gonna work more than four hours a day during the summer. And has to be something cool, not some crappy fast food job at the DMP, or workin at the Espresso Pump. Uh, not that there is anything wrong with those kind of jobs. Just not my thing. Not to good at following orders, or wearing silly uniforms. So yeah give me some fun in the sun. Need to see if is any lifeguard openings at the beach, or one of the local country clubs.

But until I find a job, are other things to do during the weekend. Like hanging out with Dawn, maybe go see a movie and hang out at the beach some more. Also guess I could find the time to go down to the Espresso Pump, and say hey to Sera. See how things are going for her at the new job. And no matter how difficult it is, I'll try not to give her a hard time or bug her while she's working. No matter how amusing that could be.*Smirk*

Summer break is going good.

Been outta school for a week. Just been sleeping in, watching tv, and spending time with friends. So things have been going good so far.

Whenever Dawn is off from work, we get to hang out. We was able to have more fun at the the beach again this afternoon. Was a beautiful day with a beautiful girl. So couldn't have been a better day. Really can't wait til I get to spend more time with her tomorrow.

After we got back from our date at the beach, I ran into Theresa. Hadn't got to talk to her in a while. So was really cool to see her. Was able to catch up on what's been going on lately. And dude allot of stuff has happened to her recently. Said that Dawn's friend Willow is helping teach her how to be a Wicca. And on top of that has a new job workin at the Magic Box.

So guess Theresa is getting into the magic stuff. Even gave me a key chain, said it was a protective charm. Guess I can use all the luck I can get, so agreed to wear it. Think she is still worried about all that crap that with Josh. Though did seem to be more positive about everything now. Is cool that she wants to protect her friends. Would be cool if she gets to hang out with her friends some while school is out. All work and no fun isn't cool, especially during the summer. I just hope that everything goes good for her and my other friends this summer.
Dude things gone better than I expected over the past week. Despite uncle Grant hanging around the Prom as a chaperone. He was cool enough to stay outta the way. So let me and Sera have a good time with our dates. And was cool enough to let us stay out all night. So the Prom was really awesome. Course know it couldn't be anything but good, since Dawn was the hottest girl there. And she made it the best possible Prom ever. Am truly lucky to have a girlfriend as amazing as her.

Also it was super to see that all my other friends had a cool time as well. And other than a few teens going a bit wild, it really was as good as it gets in this town. And spendin the night with Dawn dancing and hanging at Jake's after Prom party was cool. Unlike my party disasters, was actually able to have a fun time. So was all good.

And man I am so glad that school ended this week. Summer break is finally here, and couldn't have come sooner. Now will have more time to hang out at the Bronze. Looking forward to seeing Dawn this weekend. She's been so great the past many weeks. And with the end of school, will be able to spend more time together. Can't think of anything better than having allot of fun with my girl this summer.
Dude I've been way to distracted by stuff lately. Have fallen behind in some of my classes. And I'm so not ready for finals. So don't wanna have to attend summer school. So really need a study buddy to help out. Am sure Dawn would be willing to help. Just not sure we would get much actual study time done. Since when I'm with her, am more focused on the hugs and kissage. Well guess I could try anyway. And spendin more time with her for any reason is good. Just gotta try to focus more on the school stuff during the weekdays until the finals are over.

Anyway I do have one good thing to look forward to. And that's going to the prom with Dawn this weekend. Prom night will be all about her. Hope that its a perfect night for us. Hopefully all the recent badness is behind us. Just hope everything goes good for everyone.

We’ll make it through

Uncle Grant said that the Magic Box was looking to hire a high school student for the summer. He was wondering if me or Sera would be interested in considering a summer job. After school finally ends, I'm not really thinking about doing anything this summer other than hanging at the beach and Bronze.

Dude anyway I so don't have time to think about what I'm doing over the summer. Really just trying to make it through another week of crappy school. School just isn't any fun. Most of the students are in a sucky mood about one thing or another. And poor Theresa is acting really depressed again. Also looks like she has been going without sleep for days. Yet isn't much with the talking, so don't know what's wrong. Do hope that she talks to one of her friends or brother about whatever is buggin her. Keeping things bottled up really doesn't help. Just hope things get better for her soon.

Is a real downer that things aren't going too well for some of my friends. Too bad Theresa and Nick aren't doing as good as me and Dawn.

Everything is going so great with Dawn. Know that I'm lucky to have such a kind and loving girlfriend. Any chance I get to hang out with her is all that really matters. She is the only girl for me. And really did like hanging out at her place. Her sister is pretty cool as guardians go. Although not really able to do any kissing in front of the parental types. Just watching tv is ok, but getting out and having some real fun would be even better. So hope that me and her get to go out Friday evening. Maybe see a movie and hang out at the bronze too. So lookin forward to the end of the week and more time with my girl.

Gonna Get Thru This

Things are going good for me. Although can't say the same for some of the other teens at Sunnydale High. Dude, really don't think I'm ever gonna get used to all the weirdness that this town has to offer.

Seems to always be something to put a real buzz kill on the fun. Like this past weekend, everything was going great. Was having an awesome time with Dawn at the Bronze. Then we hear word that Amber and Bindi were attacked at school along with the rest of the prom committee. Not really sure of all the details, but several girls were killed. Lucky Amber and Bindi survived. They had to go to the hospital, but from what I've heard will be ok.

It really does suck that things aren't going to good for all of my friends. They've been through so much, really don't need more crap to happen.

At least Theresa is doing better. Although think she is really freaked about the recent killings at the school. Know that she was doing lots of reckless stuff recently. Lucky she snapped out of it, and is taking better care of herself now. Anyhow it isn't safe for any girls to be out alone at night. I'm gonna try to watch out more for Dawn. Make sure that she gets safely home after dark. Don't know what I would do if anything happened to her.

Man I really don't wanna think about all the bad stuff that could happen. Just have to think about the good stuff. Like how lucky I am to have Dawn. Just hope that everything goes good for us. I'm sure that together we can get thru anything that comes our way.

Feeling Good

Dude, gotta say that things have been going really great lately. Don't think I could feel any better. Cause I finally got up enough courage to do something that I should've done a week ago. Am sorry that I didn't do it sooner in the week. Just didn't feel comfortable to do it in front of Theresa or our other friends.

So the first chance I got to talk with Dawn alone, I asked her to the prom. And she said yes. Really would've liked to have asked in a more romantic place than at a high school water fountain. But all that matters is that she said yes. So it's all good.*Smiles*

Well only got one day of school left this week. And nothing can get me down now. Cause am lookin forward to seeing Dawn again tomorrow. Uh, and maybe this weekend we'll get to hang out at the Bronze some. Just hope everything continues to go good. Man I'm sure they will, things are lookin up for everyone. So it's all cool.

Feeling Hot

Dude has been really hot weather around here lately. Record breaking heat waves suck. Lucky uncle Grant's Inn has AC. But staying inside over the weekend was pretty boring, since wasn't anything to do but watch tv and listen to music. So a pretty dull weekend at the Inn.

At least I was able to get out to the Bronze on friday night. Was cool to see some of my friends. Uh, and was really cool to see Dawn. Any time I get to dance with her is certainly of the good. I haven't knowed her that long, but think I'm falling for her. She's amazing. And was so awesome to finally kiss her. Just hope I didn't come on too strong. Really wouldn't want to mess things up. I just hope she feels the same way I do. Which is why I should probably see if she wants to go to the prom. Uh, well first things first. Am looking forward to seeing Dawn at school. Hope to see her at lunch, maybe talk some more then. Course with Snyder around, talking is all we could do.

Am glad that the school year will be over pretty soon. And if can avoid any summer school. Can't wait to have more time to just relax and have fun with my friends and Dawn.

The party is most definitely over

Dude I am so glad that Grant turned up, although he clearly had a bad weekend. Still not sure what happened to him. Just lucky that hot new tenant at the Inn, Izzy found him, and got poor uncle G to the hospital. Was cool of Izzy to help out and make sure we was ok, although we really didn't need babysat or anything. Still appreciated her concern.

After spending Sunday at Sunnydale Memorial Hospital, me and Sera was told that uncle Grant would be ok, and that he would be released on Tuesday. Grant's friend Astraeia also visited Grant to make sure he was going to be fine. She's really a cool lady too. Although me and Sera are old enough to take care of ourself. Is good to have friends that are there for you in times of need.

Anyway, it looks like I'm never gonna be allowed to have a party again. And this time I didn't even do anything wrong. Was no liquor, and had adult supervision. Man I didn't even get a kiss. Granted, was a little kissing on the part of some of the teen's there. But that was at the end of the night, and wasn't anything serious. And so wasn't my fault about whatever happened to Grant either.

Things just haven't been going very good lately. So yeah, no more parties at the Inn. Still have the Bronze. And the prom is coming up soon. Hope that goes better. Although am beginning to get a bad feeling, that things are never gonna be normal in Sunnydale. Guess this just isn't a party town.*Sighs*

The parties over again.

Dude, was really hoping to have a normal birthday party, with just a handful of my friends. Guess in Sunnydale, that's too much to expect.

Despite the lack of liquor, most of it gone pretty good. Was able to keep Grant from bugging my friends too much. And got to talk with Theresa some. Seemed to be a little more talkative, but still angry and tore up by all the stuff that happened to her. She really needs all the support her friends can give. I'll try to be there for her anyway I can.

It was also good to see that Dawn was allowed to come, after the last party disaster with the cops. Dawn looked awesome as always. And was cool that I got to talk and dance with her for a little while. Wasn't as nervous as the last time. If the party could have ended there, would have been cool. Think that I may ask her to the prom, but have other stuff to worry about first.

Like where the hell did uncle Grant go. He had been watching some of my friends dancing to some cool music. Then really late into the party Grant went to his study for some private time I guess. Uh, well while I was dancing with Dawn. Her older sister showed up. Buffy is really hot for a mother type, I might add. But was is a really pissy mood. Saw some of the other kids kissing, and asked where the adult supervision was. Well before I had a chance to explain about my uncle Grant being around somewhere. Heard this really loud screaming/howling noise coming from the study. Buffy told all the teens to stay in the living room, and she ran off to see what the hell was going on. Dawn has a pretty tough sister. That's for sure.

Well after a few minutes, when all the noise stopped coming from the Study, I gone to see what had happened. The room was left in shambles, with the window smashed out. Was a knife-poker from the fireplace laying on the floor with blood on it. And looked like the shirt Grant had been wearing was nothing but torn bloody shreds of clothing laying on the floor as well. But Grant was no where to be seen. And whatever had done the damage, was long gone as well. Buffy's sister was really upset, and didn't say if she saw anyone. Just told all the kids to go home, and told Dawn to wait for her in her car. The police came shortly thereafter. They took some pictures, asked allot of questions, most of which I didn't have answers too. Gathered some evidence, said something about having to wait 24 hours to report a missing person, then left.

God I hope that uncle Grant is ok. Me and Sera have both lost enough family. So hope he turns up ok, that would be the best possible birthday gift. Man, Sunnydale really sucks at times, that's for sure.