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New Year 2005

This is my first new year in Sunnydale. Is hard to believe I've been here for nine months. Has been a really interesting time to say the least. But the best part of it all, was the great friends I made like Theresa. And despite all the weirdness and badness, I'd never give up one minute of it cause was all worth it just to meet such great friends. Not to mention getting to know my Uncle Grant allot better. He's such a cool man that I owe so much for taking me in when I had no other place to go. Plus the added bonus of finding such a wonderful new family member. Sera may not be a blood relative, but she is like a sister. She's such a kind and loving girl whom I'll always consider not only family, but a good friend.

And dude what can I say about Dawn. She is the best thing to ever happen to me. I'm glad that we met, and that she gave me a chance to be her boyfriend. I know she was coming off a bad relationship. Having her heart broke by a total jerk that didn't deserve her. Am just grateful that she was willing to give our relationship a shot, to show her that not all guys are total jerks. If at all possible, I'll always try to give her the support and love she deserves.

I wish all of my friends and family a happy new years. And I totally hope that all of my friends and family have a wonderful year to come.


J.T. Jennings

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