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Looking forward to a good weekend.

Dude I've been way to slacky lately. But finally getting around to updating my lj again. I'm so not gonna try to play catch up by trying to write down everything from the last month or so. Really not in the mood to think much about the past right now.

It will be my first Christmas in Sunnydale. Although I will miss a white Christmas. Do gotta say that at least the weather is allot better in California than back east this time of year. Not that I've really had much chance to actually enjoy the great outdoors. School continues to be pretty sucky. But only have one more day before another weekend. And this weekend will be extra cool with the winter carnival going on. Will hopefully get to hang out with Dawn and some of our friends from school. Seems like ages since I've got to hang out with Theresa and some of my other friends. I just hope things are going good for them all. And that we get to hang out and have some fun soon.

Despite the boringness, everything on the home front is going pretty good. Uncle Grant is mainly just doing his own thing. Is pretty busy with business stuff and making sure all the tenants are cool. So the Inn is doing well, although I usually don't keep up with who all is staying. Was able to make a new friend recently, when I met Anthony Turner who was a new kid that stayed here for awhile back in November before his dad got base housing. He's a pretty cool teen, and am sure he'll do good fitting in at Sunnydale High. Seems like him and Sera hit it off as well. Although not sure if it's anything serious. After all the problems she's had this year, she deserves nothing but some happiness and good times. He does appear to be an okay guy that won't take advantage of a girl who's been recently heartbroken. Well I just hope Sera and for that matter everyone has a great holiday season and that all the recent drama of the past year is behind us now.

Anyway now that the Bronze is back open. Think I'll try to head back over there Friday night to forget about school and just have a little fun. Then this weekend will hopefully have a good time at the winter carnival. So just have one more day of school to get threw, then will have some fun times to look forward to.


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