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Despite the craziness, life goes on.

Dude I'm still not too certain about what's been happen the past few weeks. Nobody was actin' like themselves, that's for sure. At least Sera isn't swearing like a sailor anymore, and isn't a wild child anymore. Is good to have the nice and reliable Sera back. Can tell how embarrassed she was about the way she acted and dressed. Even though would be entertaining to give her a hard time about it. Besides heard about some of the stuff she done to some demons at Ralph's, so guess isn't a good idea to piss her off. Plus seein' that I and everyone else was also with the craziness lately, am gonna go easy on her.

Also Uncle G is somewhat back to normal. Though throwing down even more drinks than normal, obviously to try to forget about the recent happenings around here. But did mention that me and Sera shouldn't be out after dark for the time being due to all the crazy vamps runnin' around the city. So at least shows that he does care about our safety again. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm pretty irresponsible at times, so do need some supervision to keep me out of trouble. Of course think I could have really used someone to slap me upside my head when I was acting like a school lovin' freak the past few weeks. Cause I am so screwed when it comes to most of the classes I signed up for. Not to mention all the clubs I joined. I'm not gonna have very much spare time to do anything. Guess I'll also need a tutor to help with some of the tougher subjects like Algebra as well.

Lucky I still have Dawn. She's the only good thing I have going for me now. And even despite all this weirdness and the suckiness that is school. As long as were okay, guess that's all that really matters.


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