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Getting Serious

Man what is up with Sera. She is acting very weird lately. Heard about the whole ice cream truck demon kidnapping little kids thing. Maybe is upset about all that craziness. But still is no reason to say cuss words. Needs to watch her language and not get into any trouble. Cause getting grounded wouldn't be a very fun way to spend the last couple of weeks off from school.

Anyway I got my own problems to worry about. I've totally been wasting my time this summer. Instead of being out on the beach or dancin' at the Bronze. I should have been working part time, and spending the rest of my time preparing for my senior year of High School. Is really time for me to start taking school seriously. Otherwise will never get into a college. Well okay, heard they're let anyone into UC Sunnydale. But that is like the last resort. If can get my grades up, then will have more choices. Of course could become a preacher if college doesn't work out. Think that would make Uncle Grant very proud of me.

Speaking of my faith, think that I need to see Dawn. We really should discuss taking a vow of chastity. She's a very special girl, and is worth waiting for. Can only hope she feels the same way about me.

Well I can't wait for school to start back in a couple of weeks. Will sign up for lots of extracurricular activities like the chess club, drama club, and yearbook. Would look good on my resume. Uh anyway need to go to bed, so can get up early and go to the library.


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